The Theatre Organ Club

Forthcoming Events 2024

Calling concert secretaries, organists and anyone else that may be arranging theatre organ events in the coming years.
If you would like to have your concert advertised, for free, on our website and in our Newsletter, please send details to our email address via the 'contact' button above.
If you have put together your programme for the coming year, please consider sending it to us, and bear in mind that our Newsletter is quarterly, ensuring that start times are included.
We realise that not all secretaries and/or organists are members (why not?) but those that are will earn a sigh of relief rather than one of displeasure if their concert diaries are forwarded.
Thank you.



Sunday4Fentham Hall Hampton-in-ArdenAndrew Nix2:30pm
Sunday4Town Hall OssettPhil Kelsall2:30pm
Sunday4Singing Hills Golf Course AlbourneDeclan Poole & Chris Stanbury 3:00pm
Wednesday7Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenRichard Morgan1:00pm
Saturday10Astoria Centre BarnsleyChristian Cartwright & Will Shaw2:30pm
Saturday10Leisure Centre WokingAndrew Nix7:00pm
Sunday11East Sussex National Uckfield Dance with Cameron Lloyd3:00pm
Sunday11Town Hall Henley-on-ThamesKevin Grunill3:00pm
Wednesday14Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenLisa Needham1:00pm
Friday16Neuadd Pendre TywynDavid Lowe7:30pm
Sunday18Rye College RyeNicholas Martin2:30pm
Wednesday21Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenLee Longden1:00pm
Sunday25Community Hall Harworth Christian Cartwright2:30pm
Sunday25East Sussex National Uckfield Dance with Michael Wooldridge3:00pm
Wednesday28Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenStephen Austin 1:00pm
Sunday3Fentham Hall Hampton-in-ArdenByron Jones2:30pm
Sunday3Singing Hills Golf Course AlbourneRichard Hills3:00pm
Wednesday6Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenByron Jones1:00pm
Friday8Rye College RyeWurlitzer Jazz Supper with Liane Carroll, Michael Wooldridge and Fish and Chips7:15pm
Saturday9Astoria Centre BarnsleyNicholas Martin2:30pm
Saturday9Organ Theatre St AlbansPhil Kelsall3:00pm
Saturday9Leisure Centre WokingDavid Lobban 7:00pm
Sunday10Victoria Hall SaltaireHoward Beaumont 2:30pm
Wednesday13Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenDavid Windle1:00pm
Sunday17New Victoria Centre Howden-le-WearNicholas Martin2:30pm
Sunday17Paramount PenistoneSteamboat Bill Jr. (1928) with Donald MacKenzie 2:30pm
Sunday17East Sussex National Uckfield Dance with Chris Stanbury3:00pm
Sunday17Town Hall Henley-on-ThamesElizabeth Harrison3:00pm
Wednesday20Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenJohn Bowdler1:00pm
Thursday21Thorngate Hall GosportSilent Film Evening with David Ivory7:30pm
Sunday24Community Hall Harworth David Ivory2:30pm
Wednesday27Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenNicholas Martin1:00pm
Tuesday2Troxy LondonDavid Lobban & Alec Walters 7:00pm
Wednesday3Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenElizabeth Harrison1:00pm
Saturday6Assembly Hall Worthing Dance with Phil Kelsall2:00pm
Saturday7Assembly Hall Worthing Phil Kelsall2:30pm
Sunday7Fentham Hall Hampton-in-ArdenDorian Collins2:30pm
Sunday7East Sussex National Uckfield Dance with Michael Wooldridge3:00pm
Wednesday10Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenDeclan Poole1:00pm
Saturday13Paramount PenistoneTake 2 Big Band with Howard Beaumont and vocalist Craig Williams2:30pm
Saturday13Organ Theatre St AlbansChristian Cartwright3:00pm
Saturday13Leisure Centre WokingByron Jones7:00pm
Sunday14New Victoria Centre Howden-le-WearAndrew Nix2:30pm
Sunday14Paul Kirner's Music Palace YnyshirJohn Mann2:30pm
Sunday14Victoria Hall SaltairePhil Kelsall2:30pm
Sunday14Town Hall Henley-on-ThamesNicholas Martin3:00pm
Tuesday16Royalty Cinema BownessIn-House Organists12:30pm
Wednesday17Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenDavid Lobban 1:00pm
Sunday21Pipes in the Peaks ThorpeChristian Cartwright & Stephen Foulkes2:30pm
Sunday21Rye College RyeDavid Ivory2:30pm
Sunday21East Sussex National Uckfield Dance with Michael Wooldridge3:00pm
Wednesday24Theatre Organ Heritage Centre Peel GreenDavid Redfern1:00pm
Saturday27Town Hall Bilston Organists on Parade at the newly installed Compton2:00pm
Sunday28Community Hall Harworth Nicholas Martin2:30pm
Sunday28East Sussex National Uckfield Michael Maine & Michael Wooldridge3:00pm