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Peter Held 1937 – 2021
We are sorry to hear that Peter Held died on October 8th in Sydney, Australia to where he had migrated in 1968.
In his youth, Peter trained for a career as a concert pianist, however, the church organ beckoned and this was followed by theatre organ lessons from Tommy Dando at Dublin’s Theatre Royal Compton. He must have done well as he was offered the position of assistant organist, a duty he performed from 1956 - 61.
In 1960 he played a summer season in Brighton where he met his hero, Douglas Reeve.
Returning to Ireland he was engaged to play the Compton for the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Savoy Limerick.
More electronic organ work followed for summer seasons and in Clubland before returning to Ireland to tour with the Jack Cruise Variety Show, which included a return to the Savoy Limerick.
Peter migrated to South Africa in 1964 and spent two years touring with Chipperfield’s Circus, during which time he broadcast for the South African Broadcasting Corporation on 30 occasions.
After migrating to Australia, he often played for The Theatre Organ Society of Australia .
He returned to the UK regularly and played for clubs and societies as well as seeking out organs to visit and try.
We last saw Peter at Tibenham some three years ago when he gave a good account of himself at both the Compton and Wurlitzer organs.